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Hypnotherapy testimonials are a great way of hearing from our satisfied clients about their experience of how hypnosis and hypnotherapy has helped them. Of course, everyone is different, but most people can identify with many aspects of the issues indexed below.

You can also talk to Helen for information about how she can help with any other issues.

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Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Alcohol Addiction / Depression

* I found Helen on google by searching for a hypnotherapist to help with my alcohol addiction and now I'm so glad I did. The session went incredibly well with the atmosphere being so positive and relaxing so it was very easy to feel at ease with Helen almost instantly. After the session ended I already felt a huge difference straight away and it has been that way ever since and this happened almost 6 months ago and to this day I haven't even had a single drop or want for alcohol which has made a huge positive impact on my life.

I also booked 5 sessions with her to help lift me of my depression which I had been struggling with for years. I would say that every single session with her was worth every single penny as she goes through everything with you in a steady pace, teaches you great techniques to help maintain the positive results you earn with each and every session. If you're thinking about changing your life for the better and want healthy ways of doing so with hypnotherapy, choose Helen.

Jake, Hemel Hempstead


* H L Hypnotherapy changed my life, helping me become the best I can be. Helen is fantastic at what she does, professional, diligent, positive and caring I could not recommend her highly enough!

Over a period of time, I was able to see a dramatic change in the way I behaved and dealt with problematic situations. Through the use of specialist techniques, I was able to find a new me. I have achieved more success than I could ever have imagined and this is all thanks to Helen.

Daniel, Bushey


* Helen has helped me change my life by making me understand that I am in control and able to manage my own thoughts and feelings and keep anxiety at bay. She has taught me to change my perception of everything in life! I cannot recommend her service more highly and thank you Helen for helping me get my life back!

Jane, Watford

* Thanks to the sessions I have had with Helen, I now feel much more relaxed and focused in all aspects of my life. Where I would once worry and become anxious and uptight about many things, I now feel calm and ready to deal with whatever life has to throw at me. Helen has been a huge help and her manner and attitude have been exemplary. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or unable to say how I really felt. As someone who would worry about almost everything I can honestly say my approach to life is now very different and this has helped tremendously in both my personal and professional life. A very big thank you to Helen for all she has done.

James, Bushey, Herts

* Helen has been an absolute saving grace for me and the crippling anxiety I suffered with for such a long time. Before discovering hypnotherapy I was unable to function, I could not eat or sleep and I found myself spiralling out of control. I had 5 sessions with Helen who from the word go has helped me overcome something I never thought I could; even upon leaving my first session I already felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Now at the end of my final session I feel completely back to myself, my whole outlook on life has changed and I am now able to live happily with no anxiety. I am completely amazed because I remember reading the testimonials on this website before my first session and I never thought I would be here writing this today. I would recommend Helen to anyone who suffers from anxiety or any other issue in their lives that they need some help with. Lastly I would like to thank Helen once again for everything she has done for me.

Casey, Hemel Hempstead

Anxiety / Depression

* I started seeing Helen as I have suffered from anxiety and depression from a very young age. I have always taken medication for it, in which I have struggled to come off over the years. I have now completed five sessions with Helen and I feel fantastic. I've now been off the tablets for nearly 5 months. I am so much calmer and happier in myself. When I first started the sessions I was very sceptical about it all. Doing those five sessions have completely changed the way I think. Thanks Helen your amazing!!!

Clare, Dunstable

Anxiety / Panic

* I went to see Helen as, even though I had good friends and family around me, for quite a few years I had been feeling increasingly panicky and anxious about attending social or work related events which should have been fun, interesting and enjoyable. If I couldn’t make excuses to get out of them or avoid them completely, I would get a really bad upset stomach just thinking about the coming event, just before the event or, even worse, during.

I have had a course of sessions with Helen who has given me techniques to keep my mind calm and allow me to feel in control of every situation in which I might find myself. I can now look forward to these occasions without feeling apprehensive and am so glad I took the plunge and got some help. Thank you Helen.

MS, Watford

Anxiety / Depression / Stress

* Before going for hypnotherapy with Helen, I was feeling very run down, anxious, stressed and depressed. I just wasn’t coping well. Since my sessions I have felt much happier and I feel like I have a new lease of life. I’ve been able to come off my anti-depressant medication and I feel so much better for it. Thank you, Helen, for helping me to improve my life.

Rebecca, Croxley Green, Herts

Anxiety / Stress

* I found the hypnosis very relaxing and comforting. Having spent most of my life feeling anxious and stressed, I noticed a big difference in my reactions to stressful situations very quickly. I would recommend Helen to everyone as I now feel so much better. Thank you, Helen, you really helped me.

P. K., London


* Just want to say a huge thank you, Helen, for the sessions that we have now completed. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve never had hypnotherapy before, however as soon as I walked in to your room, I felt completely at ease and relaxed. I was really amazed at the results after the first session, I honestly was speechless at the difference that I felt. After that, I really looked forward to each session with you, knowing that I would be a step further forward on my journey. I will most definitely be recommending you to friends and family, and I actually feel a little sad knowing that my sessions have come to an end! A really huge thank you, for the difference you have made in my life.

Amy, London Colney

* Dear Helen

I would like to thank you very much for the help you have given me over the last 8 weeks.

When I first came to you I was very unsure of myself and had no self confidence due to personal reasons, but with your help and the 5 sessions it has made a tremendous difference to my life.

Thank you.

Malcolm, Watford

* Hi Helen, I wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for all your help and support over the past few months. A friend of mine recommended Hypnotherapy to me but I was a little unsure until the next day I came across your leaflet and the word FATE came to mind. I booked in for my first session and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever done! I feel so much better after visiting you. I previously suffered a lack of confidence and felt extremely uncomfortable with confrontation. After visiting you over a period of 5-6 sessions I have learned to deal with my emotions, I am able to put myself in difficult situations and using the techniques you have taught me, I am able to deal with any challenges that arise without feeling anxious. I will no doubt be seeing you in the future for a ‘top up session’ and moving forward I am confident, strong and able to face any situation head on!!! Again, thank you! Kindest regards, Donna

Donna, Middx

Confidence / Enhance Performance

* Dear Helen,

I would just like to thank you for the 5 sessions that we have had this year.

I felt like I have really progressed as a result of the work that we did together. I feel a lot more confident, positive and in- control within certain aspects of my life.

I found you to be very approachable, and you made me feel 100% comfortable in the sessions.

Although I came into the sessions feeling a little apprehensive- you completely put me at ease. I had no idea of what to expect however I am so glad that I did come.

I will definitely be returning at some point in the future.

Kind regards,

Simon J, London

Dental - Lockjaw

* I had a form of lockjaw after dental treatment went wrong. No top specialist – medical or dental – was able to help. I went to Helen in despair – not being able to talk properly, not being able to eat anything solid for over two months.

I was cynical about hypnotherapy, but the proof of the pudding was literally in the eating. Through skilled hypnotherapy and a holistic approach to my condition not only did she teach me to open my mouth again but armed me with a set of techniques to cope, including self-hypnosis, in the future.

There was nothing ‘weird’ or ‘scary’. Helen’s approach felt natural and safe.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants not just help with specific conditions but broader, confidence building strategies as well.

Jo, London

Dental – Teeth grinding

* After searching the web for several months I found Helen’s website. I was impressed by her write up and after a conversation with Helen, I was convinced she might be able to help me to stop grinding my teeth, which I had done every day for the last FIFTEEN years. Even my dentist, after trying several devices, had given up on me.

I had two visits to Helen where I found a calm relaxing atmosphere. I could not believe that after the second visit I have not ground my teeth once.

It was a truly successful experience.

J.H., Rickmansworth


* My experience of hypnotherapy with Helen was truly wonderful. I felt relaxed and safe in the hands of a true professional.

Her insight and skills helped me to resolve some deep issues and as a result I feel so much better. Thank you Helen.

P. F., Consultant

* Helen has helped me work through some deep childhood issues. It has been a cathartic experience releasing those issues. I feel that I can now move on in life. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I also had past life regression hypnotherapy which was fascinating. I would recommend Helen to everyone. She is gifted and intuitive and always has your best interests at heart.

I. A., Counsellor, London

Headaches & Migraines

* This is a brief summary of my experience of hypnotherapy sessions conducted by Helen Louvieris over a period of nine weeks.

I have suffered from migraine headaches for about sixty years.  Having tried many different types of treatment, both conventional medicines to alternatives including acupuncture and hypnosis, I decided to give hypnotherapy another go and my doctor recommended Helen.

I was expecting some sort of practice of self-hypnosis to control the pain.  Helen’s approach was very different to what I had experienced in the past.  She taught me many different ways to avoid getting the headaches in the first place. These included breathing techniques and fingertip tapping to acupressure energy points.

The results were quite startling.  I began to feel much happier and settled in myself.  Although I did not think I had much stress in my life, I became more relaxed and aware of underlying tensions previously undiscovered.

I have become calmer, more positive and better able to enjoy life.  I can now have the occasional glass of wine without automatically triggering an excruciating headache.  Although I am not yet completely free of headaches, the intensity is radically reduced.  I can often use techniques to make the pain go away altogether.  When that doesn’t work, I still occasionally resort to over-the-counter drugs but the dosage and frequency have both been dramatically reduced.

I now feel I have achieved my original goal of successfully managing these headaches.  They no longer prevent me from doing most activities. I continue to use the techniques Helen has taught me and anticipate becoming completely free of all medication over time.

C Shinn, St Albans

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome )

* As an Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferer for many years, I turned to Helen for help. The IBS was really bad and I always found it quite embarrassing and uncomfortable before starting my hypnotherapy sessions with Helen. The improvement has been remarkable and I feel much better.

Peter M, Harrow, Middx


* The two sessions I had with Helen were really helpful, in fact I felt great benefits after just the first one. I had insomnia for months brought on by stress and not being able to switch off. This was causing low mood and I felt depressed. I now feel back to normal, actually, I feel better than normal! I have no hesitation in recommending Helen to anyone who is struggling. Even if you’re sceptical, just try it and see the amazing results. You won’t be disappointed.

Jean, Watford, Herts

Medical / Insomnia / Phobia

* My sessions with Helen have had a significant impact on my emotional and psychological well-being. Before I started working with Helen, I was suffering from medical phobia, linked to a negative childhood experience, as well as anxiety and insomnia due to the uncertainty of ongoing medical treatment and challenges it posed in managing relationships and day-to-day life. Using the techniques Helen has taught me have helped to ease my anxiety and challenge any negative thought patterns that arise. I now feel much more in control of my emotional responses to challenging situations, sleep much easier and feel able to face medical treatment with a greater sense of calm and confidence.

Ms E., London

Medical / Sleep Problems / Stress

* I feel the help Helen has given me following an illness has been invaluable.

She has taught me coping mechanisms to help stress levels and sleeping problems. Her support has given me more confidence in myself, and helped with the problems associated with my facial palsy.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs N, Oxhey

Menopause / Insomnia

* I was experiencing very severe menopausal symptoms but unfortunately I may carry the BRCA gene (breast cancer) which means I am unable to take any form of hormone replacement. When I finally found Helen I was so desperate because I had nearly 9 years of hot flushes during the day and severe night sweats and little sleep. I had reached the end of my tether. Also I had sought conventional medical advice and had been told that some ladies will experience the menopause for life. During those 9 years I had read several articles about hypnotherapy helping menopausal symptoms but I was sceptical and kept putting off making an appointment. I had also tried herbal remedies and a magnet device both of which were worse than useless.

Through hypnotherapy I now sleep extremely well, the best since my children were born. Even if I do get a night sweat and wake up I will, with the help of the tools taught to me from Helen relax and go straight back to sleep. Sleep is such a wonderful thing that we all take for granted but without it we feel like zombies. This was the first a real sign that Helen and hypnotherapy could help me. Even after our first meeting the severity of a hot flush that lasted around 4 minutes was reduced. Helen has taught me around 5 coping/relaxation techniques and now the flushes are less frequent and less intense. We are working towards no flushes and no night sweat. With Helen’s help this does not seem unachievable.

Stephanie, London

Pain / Multiple Sclerosis

* I had 5 sessions with Helen to help me cope with chronic facial pain I have suffered for many years since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

After my first session I actually had my first night’s uninterrupted sleep as each night I usually got woken several times because of the pain.

Over the five sessions I learnt a lot as to cope with my pain to the extent that I have greatly reduced the medication I take.

Thanks to you Helen for your help.

Trish, Watford

Phobia – Driving on Motorways

* I came to Helen with a phobia of driving on motorways. I thought I would get a simple course of hypnotherapy sessions to brainwash me of my fears. I was guided to look deep inside my mind and face a number of insecurities that I hadn't realised were affecting my day to day life.

I have had several sessions and can say without doubt that I have benefited from my therapy with Helen. With her daily exercises, I continue to grow into a more confident individual. I have a greatly improved love for myself and am extremely grateful for her help.

Phil, Rickmansworth

Phobia - Flying

* I went to see Helen because I was afraid of flying and I was due a long-haul flight.

I am really pleased with the results, Helen is easy to talk to and made me feel relaxed from the first session. She is very professional and explains everything in detail. She helped me retrain my mind and get rid of the fear which in turn also helped to reduce my stress levels.

I am really pleased I saw her as I cannot believe how easy it was to get the results I needed. This wasn't the only benefit that I gained I actually feel much more positive and I am more relaxed about life in general.

Angela, Watford

Phobia – Public Speaking

* My fear of public speaking was beginning to take over my life. I had already left one job as the pressure of speaking in meetings was too much for me. In my new role, when I was told that I would have to starting giving presentations to colleagues, the very idea filled me with terror. I knew that I would have to do something in order to conquer my fear, which led me to contact Helen. Helen was very understanding regarding my phobia and I felt completely at ease talking about my fears with her. She taught me how to control my anxiety levels and was able to break the negative associations that I had formed in relation to public speaking. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Helen to anyone. The experience has without doubt changed my life by making me more confident and less self conscious in both my personal and work life.

J. T., Bucks

Sleep Walking / Night Terrors

* Helen, I would like to thank you very much for all your help and support. Sleepless nights due to our 10 year old daughter’s sleep walking and night terrors are now a thing of the past. Before we brought Jo to see you, we had been at the end of our tether and didn’t know what to do. It has been amazing. Finally, we can all sleep peacefully! Thank goodness for hypnotherapy.

Neon, Barnet

Snoring / Teeth Grinding

* I have been snoring and grinding my teeth every night for years and it has been driving my girlfriend mad as she never got a good night’s sleep with me – I would wake her up with my snoring and grinding and I’d be totally oblivious! So I decided that I wanted to do something about it and I had a hypnotherapy session with Helen and to my girlfriend’s amazement and delight, I haven’t snored or ground my teeth since. Thanks Helen on behalf of myself and my girlfriend, who especially appreciates it.

Jimmy A, Coach Driver

Stop Smoking

* A wonderful experience with absolutely fabulous results. I was made to feel comfortable and we talked throughout. If you are ready to become a non-smoker I highly recommend Helen Louvieris Hypnotherapy, worked first time for me and using the techniques in other areas of my life. This has given me a great confidence boost and overall feeling of control and serenity.

Bob, Abbots Langley

* Excellent session on stopping smoking. I am doing good. No real urges to smoke.

Generally I’m energised to get things done!

Raj, Pinner

* Hi Helen

Just a note to say I have not had a cigarette since our session; what’s more I do not want one.

Joe, Watford

* I just wanted to write a quick note to say thanks for the hypnotherapy session you did for me about 3-4 months ago to stop smoking. I am absolutely astounded by the result as I haven’t had a single cigarette since. I didn’t even get any urges. So I just wanted to say a huge thank you.

Darren, Northwood

* The hypnotherapy session I had with Helen to stop smoking has been a great success. Helen puts you at ease straight away and explains thoroughly what the procedure will entail, which was great as I was apprehensive about hypnotherapy. The session bolstered my desire and ability to be a non smoker and I have not had a cigarette since.

Ian, Rickmansworth, Herts

* I went to see H L Hypnotherapy Watford with the intention of stopping my smoking habit. I wasn’t convinced it would work but saw this as an opportunity to try a quick and painless method to help me give up smoking. Since my one and only appointment with Helen, I haven’t touched a cigarette. I don’t know how the hypnotherapy worked but this single session has turned me into a non-smoker and I feel that I have been freed from a bad habit. I have been out with smokers since and just don’t feel the urge to fall into that prison of addiction again and it feels wonderful.

E. from Marlborough, Wilts

* Helen was very understanding and took a thorough approach to my problem. I’m really happy to say that I have not smoked since my first visit to her and now consider myself a non smoker. Apart from giving up cigarettes, I now find it easier to deal with the emotions that made me want to smoke in the first place. I’m so grateful – thank you Helen.

F. L., Sales Manager

Weight Management

* H L Hypnotherapy has empowered me!

It was sheer desperation that led me to consider hypnosis for my debilitating weight gain and (at times) severe anxiety, and although I knew it had worked for me many years ago with nail biting, I hesitated as I had also experienced poor outcomes since then that had not only left me feeling disappointed but had also cost me a small fortune.

Eventually I had to act. I looked on line for a therapist in Watford and that is where I found H L Hypnotherapy and Helen. Her sincerity and professionalism were immediately apparent. At the first appointment I knew I had struck lucky. After the first week I started to lose weight and with regard to my anxiety, Helen has enabled me acknowledge that I now have the abilities to control this - the strategies she has enabled me to use are priceless!

I am so pleased I did not let previous negative experiences prevent me from eventual success. I would now gladly recommend H L Hypnotherapy to anyone who feels they might benefit from a little help to enable them to fulfil their goal.

Helen has restored my faith in hypnosis along with enabling me to regain and effectively use my own will power. H L Hypnotherapy has truly empowered me and I feel confident it will do the same for you.

Thank you so much Helen for all you have enabled me to achieve.

My very best wishes,

Annette P., Oxhey

* I originally came to Helen to deal with weight loss and throughout my sessions with her, I realised that I had a food addiction that was connected to the negative emotions I was feeling in my life. With hypnotherapy I’ve been able to deal with the problems that have affected my life as well as shedding the weight. This is because I use the tools that I’ve been learning in my sessions so that I can help myself when I need it.

I am slimmer and I have become much stronger and more confident, which has been empowering.

Cathy, Watford

* Helen helps me with weight problems. She is kind and reassuring, although that does not get in the way of firmly endeavouring to get me back on track - no easy task! She listens and tries to work with you rather than round you. I always leave her sessions feeling just that more confident that I will succeed.

Peter, Bushey

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