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What does EFT mean and why is it so powerful in helping you take control of your life?

EFT means Emotional Freedom Technique. It is also known as Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

What is it?

This very effective technique involves lightly tapping on various acupressure points, mainly on the hands, face and torso, while repeating phrases.This allows the unconscious to loosen up issues, thereby making change comfortable and easy for you to benefit.

EFT - Tapping

EFT is a wonderful and very simple technique and can be very effective on many different levels.

It helps ease fears and emotions and gets to the root cause of problems. In many cases, EFT can bring the client to a position where they feel the issue has been resolved.

At its simplest, EFT can be seen as combining hypnosis techniques with acupuncture, but without the needles!

How does EFT work? How can you learn the techniques to easily use yourself?

Energy meridians that run through our body can be blocked or disrupted by unresolved emotional issues, thereby compromising our natural healing potential.

Quite often, people are aware of the events or memories that trigger emotional discomfort in their lives, but they have not yet connected those memories to the symptoms of disease in their bodies.

Using EFT, it is possible to balance the disturbed meridians. Both emotional anguish and the physical symptoms often subside.

Why EFT?

The simple reason is that it works!

I always work with EFT as part of a normal session because it is a remarkable therapy which gets results.

How can EFT & hypnotherapy help you?

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Success stories

Helen has helped me change my life by making me understand that I am in control and able to manage my own thoughts and feelings and keep anxiety at bay. She has taught me to change my perception of everything in life! I cannot recommend her service more highly and thank you Helen for helping me get my life back!

Jane. Watford.

Case Study

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Our Case Studies are a great way of learning how hypnotherapy, with all of the techniques involved, can really help.

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