Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

How to get long-term pain relief...

Pain Control

Most people have heard about hypnotherapy for helping people with addictions and negative emotions such as anxiety. But not many people are aware how hypnotherapy can help with pain control... especially for chronic pain.

First of all, it is really important to seek medical advice, diagnosis and treatment from your doctors and specialists.

So, what are the differences between chronic and acute pain?

Acute pain is usually temporary and as a result of an injury or disease. It generally serves a purpose because pain is an important signal for the body to indicate a problem or something that requires attention. Also, it stops us from overusing that part of the body which is injured and consequently damaging it further.

One area where it is safe and effective to do something about acute pain with hypnotherapy is for people who have a problem with anaesthesia. For example, for people having dental treatment. Other areas include dealing with pain from medical procedures and treatment.Person in hospital gown with walker.

Chronic pain is usually as a result of an underlying condition and lasts longer than a few months. In most cases, living with chronic pain can be debilitating and all-consuming.

With hypnotherapy, pain can be reduced so that it is much more tolerable and manageable, without having to rely on medication.

Why does hypnotherapy help with pain control?

Psychological factors and our emotions have a big impact on the way we experience pain.

People in pain often experience:

I help my clients deal with the negative emotions they are feeling, by using the amazing power of the unconscious mind. Therefore nothing can get in the way of them getting control of the pain and reducing it.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy for pain relief

People can be taught to alter perception in any part of their body where they are experiencing discomfort for pain relief.

For example, one way of doing this is by temporarily numbing the area on top of the hand where a canula or needle is to be inserted. We can do this by using hypnotherapy techniques.

These are some of the specific cases for pain relief that I have effectively helped my clients:                                                                                                


There is a wealth of research and studies which have been conducted regarding hypnotherapy in respected publications and journals. Here is one example…

There was a large randomised trial for patients having invasive medical procedures, which was published in the Lancet (1), using hypnotic techniques. These were the results for the patients:

  • Required half the pain medication.
  • Felt less pain.
  • Had fewer complications
  • Experienced faster recovery.
  • The procedures took an average of 17 minutes less time.

(1) Lang, E.V., Benotsch, E.G., et al (2000). Adjunctive non pharmacological analgesia for invasive medical procedures: A randomised trial. The Lancet, 355, 1486-1490.

Long term pain relief

Many people come to see me for pain relief as a last resort. They have visited their doctors and had all the tests but nothing can be done. Also, they do not wish to be reliant on medication.

I show my clients how they can take control and manage their chronic pain.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful way of giving you control of reducing pain in a very safe and natural way.

If you would like to find out more, give me a call on 0800 298 0503, in complete confidence.


Helen Louvieris is a fully qualified, registered and experienced hypnotherapist, working in the Bushey, Watford area.