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Why is stage hypnosis different from hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Most people have heard of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, which is great… but some expect it to be like it is portrayed in the media and mainly because of stage hypnosis.

You see people getting up on stage and being made to do silly things… such as barking like a dog and eating a whole raw onion like it’s an apple… yum!

But there are two things to know…

  1. People volunteer to go on stage.
  2. The volunteers go through a couple of suggestibility tests. This is when they weed out the people who are not really willing or don’t want to be hypnotised.

After all, the stage hypnotist wants to be sure that their job is going to be easy.

Here’s the thing… with hypnosis, you would never do anything against your beliefs or morals or do anything you wouldn’t do in a fully conscious state.

So, for example, if the stage hypnotist were to suggest that you take your clothes off and dance around in your underwear in front of everybody, you would only do it if you felt comfortable about doing something like that… and there are plenty of people who are!

Stage hypnosis is purely for entertainment. Whereas with hypnotherapy, hypnosis and other techniques are used for therapeutic purposes.

What people want to know about hypnosis & hypnotherapy

The questions that I often get asked about hypnosis and hypnotherapy from people, who have never had any experience of it, are:

  • Is it real?
  • Am I in control?
  • Am I aware?
  • Will I tell you my secrets?

The answers are yes, yes, yes and only if you want to tell me!

This is because, with hypnotherapy, we are accessing the unconscious/subconscious (you can use either term, they are the same thing) mind to change unwanted and negative habits, fears, phobias and deeply programmed belief systems.

So, what exactly is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, concentration and focus. In that way, we can bypass the critical, analytical conscious mind and communicate directly with the unconscious part of the mind.Hypnosis - deeply relaxed womanIt’s a perfectly natural state and the best way that I can describe it is like the level of relaxation you can feel just before you fall into deep sleep.

We all experience hypnosis as part of everyday life. Have you ever watched a film or read a book and were so engrossed that you lost all track of time? Have you driven on a motorway and arrived safely but can’t remember passing any junctions? Do you daydream? We all do these things.

With every time that you experience hypnosis, you tend to go deeper as the first time you are probably curious about what’s being said and you don’t want to miss anything.

I recognise that people may feel a bit nervous if it’s the first time that they’re having hypnotherapy so I always take the time to answer any questions and we go at a pace which is comfortable for my client.

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness. It is very safe and natural in the hands of a professional, qualified and registered hypnotherapist… like me! All you need to do is to sit back, close your eyes and listen to my voice.

Deep, wonderful relaxation…

It’s really good for the body and mind to be able to relax so deeply and it’s a lovely experience. I also go for hypnosis and regularly do self-hypnosis because the benefits are so great.

Helen Louvieris is a fully qualified, registered and experienced hypnotherapist, working in the Bushey, Watford, Hertfordshire area.