H L Hypnotherapy in Watford – Hypnosis can help you change your life for the better

Do you want to make positive changes in your life and want help so that you can achieve this?


Do you want to move on with your life?

Do you want to be able to feel relaxed and calm?

Your hypnotherapist, Helen Louvieris D.Hyp. GHR (Reg.) GQHP NRH, provides a relaxed and sensitive environment to help you solve your problems and issues in Bushey, Watford, Hertfordshire.

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Helen can help you …

… benefit from hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and can help you to make the positive changes you want in your life and to experience that change in a safe and supportive way.

When you have an issue, whether it be anxiety, stress or an addiction, it resides in the subconscious part of your mind. This is what controls your behaviours, moods, habits, addictions and phobias. It explains why we so often “get stuck” in life. We don’t achieve everything we wish for. We settle for less than we know we’re capable of.

Advanced hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP are tools which effectively and rapidly transform your subconscious mind. They allow healthy and positive change to take place at a rate which is comfortable for you.

This could be the moment in your life when you break free. When you start to take control again and get to achieve your dreams.

With H L Hypnotherapy Watford you can …

* Stop smoking in a way which is safe, natural and easier than you thought possible.

* Deal with dental issues quickly and effectively.

* Improve your physical health and control pain.

* Lose weight and keep it off.

* Remove fears and phobias.

* Reduce stress levels. Feel truly relaxed and in control.

* Free yourself from anxiety and panic attacks.

* Relieve symptoms of depression such as poor sleep, take control of your moods and feel more positive and optimistic about life.

* Build your self-confidence and self-esteem. Feel unstoppable.

* Increase performance levels and pass exams. Overcome driving test nerves.

Stress ManagementWhat’s hypnosis like?

Many people form their opinion of hypnosis from stage shows or the media and as a fully qualified and registered hypnotherapist, I want you to know the following very important facts:

  • During hypnosis you remain fully aware and in control at all times.
  • You cannot be made to reveal secrets or do anything that you wouldn’t normally do in your everyday life.
  • Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing and enjoyable. It’s actually one of the greatest things you will ever experience. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

H L Hypnotherapy Watford makes it easy

  • Let Helen make it easy for you.
  • All you have to do is call freephone 0800 298 0503, make an appointment and keep that appointment.
  • From that moment on, you are changing your life … for the better!

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* Results may vary from person to person.

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